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Life at Providence

Life at Providence Living at Maitland dignifies a new chapter of life for your loved one.

At Providence Living at Maitland, we understand that dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease and other memory impairments present a unique set of challenges for you and your loved one. We help you navigate the journey by providing individualized integrated services and activities. Combined with our life-centered community design, we bring an elevated standard of living to elder care and a premium alternative to nursing homes.

Individualized Memory Care

Our signature memory care program unique to Providence Living at Maitland. This life-centered approach utilizes active engagement to honor each resident’s past, cherish their future, and bring joy to their present. This affords a meaningful life for those with dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, and other memory challenges.

Each moment filled with joy is a gift to be cherished by those with dementia. Resident-centered, daily engagement is focused on the individual, their history, their journey, as well as needs and wants.

Our specially designed program honors the individual by scheduling activities for our residents, delivered through what we call “gifts.” These include:

Cherished Memories






Exercise & Movement


Thinking & Cognition

Pets & Animal Therapy




The Senses

We recognize the metamorphosis accompanying dementia while valuing the life that still flourishes.

Intergenerational activities
encouraging love and belonging.

Providence Living at Maitland is adjacent to Roth Jewish Community Center of Orlando. This is more than a location, it is a planned and thoughtful endeavor to bring children and seniors together through activities and interaction.

Research and experience indicate that when children, young adults, and seniors are given the opportunity to interact the results can sharpen the mind and the body!  Children have the chance to receive knowledge, a new perspective, and the wisdom of seniors. Intergenerational activities benefit senior motor skills (reduced falls, balance, movement), memory, and cognition. Through elevated mood and increased happiness offered by interaction with children, general health of seniors is improved.

  • Storytelling
  • Gardening
  • Crafts and projects
  • Cooking and baking
  • Movement and games
  • Singing and music
  • Painting and coloring

Family and Spirituality

Spending time with family is vital to wellbeing and health, especially for those with memory challenges. We are committed to integrating our residents’ families into their daily care and enrichment through activities, communication, and visitation. This includes family traditions, like spirituality. We respect and encourage our residents’ practice of faith or spirituality, and honor their decision to celebrate privately or openly. Where possible, our staff accommodates cultural and spiritual preferences, like holiday observation, food preferences, and other sacred routines.

Multi-sensory activities that stimulate memory recall and promote cognition.

Sensory-infused activities and experiences at Providence Living at Maitland are a part of each day. We understand the senses may decline as we age, which is why we provide a multi-sensory engagement program. Visitors and residents alike enjoy a full array of sensory experiences. Common areas are filled with smells of our favorite foods, flowers, relaxation, and past experiences. Our crafts and games are some of the ways we encourage the sense of touch and feel.  In addition, our community design is visually stimulating.

Some of the multi-sensory activities we offer include:

  • Music and dance
  • iN2L interactive activities
  • Pet and animal therapy
  • Cooking classes
  • Painting and sculpture
  • Aroma therapy
  • Poetry and writing
  • Massage therapy