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Integrative wellness approach to care

A memory care community that cares for the mind, body, and spirit.

Providence Living at Maitland promotes an integrative wellness approach to care. Our philosophy is that a person is well only when the whole body is well. This wellness approach encompasses the mind, body, and spirit. We believe the pursuit for a balanced and fulfilled life doesn’t end at a certain age, or with a dementia diagnosis. All people should have the opportunity to age with dignity, feel healthy, and continue to grow throughout one’s lifetime.

“Wellness is an active, lifelong pursuit toward a balanced and fulfilled life.”

Our wellness mission.

Providence Living at Maitland encourages residents to maintain independence and experience optimal health. Our integrative wellness program assists in this goal by using circles of care that include teams of resident, staff, healthcare professionals, and family members. Together, we create a health and wellness environment individualized for each resident. We do this through three pillars of wellbeing: physical, emotional, and nutritional.

Physical wellbeing

Fostering a healthy body through movement, exercise, and proactive health care

  • 24-hour supervised care
  • Vital sign checks
  • Occupational and physical therapy
  • Fitness and exercise
  • Dance and movement
  • Yard games like croquet
  • Courtyard and walking path
  • Medication maintenance

Emotional wellbeing

Developing a joy-filled mind through positivity, self-acceptance and stress management

  • Music and sound therapy
  • Aromatic common areas
  • Pet and animal therapy
  • Aviaries on each floor
  • Stress-reducing activities
  • Lush courtyard reduces anxiety
  • Encouraging fun and laughter
  • Intergenerational activities

Nutritional wellbeing

Acquiring optimal nutrition based on brain healthy foods and dietary needs

  • Garden-to-table resident grown herb garden
  • Cooking instruction and demonstrations
  • Visually appealing foods
  • Multi-sensory meals
  • Vitamin supplementation
  • Nutrient-dense brain foods
  • Honoring food preferences

Health and safety.

Providence Living at Maitland partners with a variety of medical professionals and therapists. Our medical partners recognize and respect proven treatment protocols, however, the philosophy of care offers alternative therapies to reduce medications when appropriate.

Our nurses are dementia-trained in memory support and available 24 hours, and 7 days a week. Additionally, infection control is a top priority. Providence Living at Maitland will follow all guidelines as advised by the State of Florida and the Center for Disease Control. Additionally, our facial recognition and temperature checks of visitors limits exposure to illness. Outdoor access to our courtyard ensures visitation with loved ones, even in a pandemic.

Temperature Checks

Face Coverings

Facial Recognition

Sanitizing Stations

Illness Reduction


Providence Living at Maitland operates with a Limited Nursing License – With an LNS license can provide the daily assistance your loved one needs both now and in the years to come. They may also provide access to ancillary services like physical, occupational and speech therapies, pharmacy and hospice services, which are provided under physician orders.